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A costume is distinguished from regular clothing because they are generally intended as a type of fancy dress that conveys distinctive identity of a particular group of people, class, period or fictional character. Hence, a costume is typically worn during a special occasion or social event such as masquerade ball or theatre performance. It is worn to portray a character or provide distinctive identity for the person wearing it. For instance, a group of fans might want to be identified as a distinct group of a particular nationality during an international sporting event like the World Cup. Wearing costumes with national symbols would readily identify a group of football fans in a stadium.

There are at least six major categories of costumes, namely, theatrical costumes, national costumes, holiday and festival costumes, children’s costumes, mascots and cosplay costumes. Here at AZ Party Supplies, you can find all sorts of costumes falling under the major categories but we also have sub-categories of products for specific occasions like Halloween and Australia Day. You can purchase either a complete set of costume or individual costume pieces such as hats, masks, gloves, boots and jackets. We have costumes intended for adults and costumes that are designed for children.

You can be creative and expressive when designing your own costume for a particular event or party. The common sub-category of costumes that you can find in our online store is the party costume. This category includes various types of fancy and fantasy costumes such as fairy costumes and pirate costumes. We also have period costumes that represent particular fashions for specific decades such as the 1960s and 1970s. You can find traditional multi-piece costumes in our product lists but you can also find zentai suits or one-piece whole-body suit that tightly covers the face and the rest of the body, including the hands and feet. We have various designs for zentai suits such as glow-in-the-dark skeleton, camouflage and tiger zentai suit.

Most of the costumes that we are offering are meant for themed parties. Some are specific but others can be combined with other costume pieces such as the tattoo sleeves. It will all depend on how creative you will be in making your own costumes. We have top quality high end products that can be used several times but we also offer affordable disposable products such as cardboard party hats for themed parties.

Whatever the occasion or special event might be, you can find appropriate costumes and costume pieces here at AZ Party Supplies. Simply browse our website for more details.