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A-Z Coloured Parties

Parties are generally for the celebrations of special occasions, which could either be personal such as birthdays and wedding anniversaries or something that has communal or national significance such as independence day celebrations. Parties are supposed to be joyous or festive in nature, complete with food, drinks, music and decorations. Some parties may also include costumes and fireworks. Parties are opportunities to socialize and have fun. It could include dancing and also games, depending on the type or theme of the party. 

Whatever the type or theme that is used for a party, Colours are very important. From the colour motif of the tableware and curtains to the colour motif of the balloons and other decorations, the look and feel of the occasion will greatly be determined by how the colours are combined. The type of colours used in parties is generally bright ones. Using specific colour combinations is important not only in terms of projecting festive atmosphere but also to fit with the occasion that is being celebrated. For instance, a patriotic party celebration typically has blue and red colours since these colours correspond to the colours found in most flags. Another example is green colour, which is most appropriate for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day.

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