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The Angry Bird Birthday Party- Next Gen Models Of Welcoming Globalisation

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Summer is the time of year for parties, picnics, reunions, weddings, showers, birthdays, BBQ’s, and pool parties. Don’t be the person who throws the lame party with the bad food, ugly decorations, and boring atmosphere. With technology entering boldly into your life, there has been some incorporation in the parties and events as well. The Angry Birds game is a ton of fun, and now you can channel all that bird-flinging, house-smashing excitement into an Angry Birds Birthday Party!

How to decorate your House for this innovative party theme?

What would an ‘Angry Birdsday’ bash be without the bright and beautiful birdie balloons? As dull and boring as ever. The printable bunch of fantastic balloons seems to be re-creative, and you can use them as representative; the black bird pie being the birthday celebrant. Cut eyes, hair and beaks out of construction paper and tape them to balloons to resemble a bird from the game. Create a pig house by stacking small cardboard boxes or building blocks. You can easily decorate it with balls or rocks painted to look like the Angry Birds pigs that are easily available as online party supplies Sydney. Set up your building outside and let your guests knock down the building with Angry Birds balls. That's fun for sure.

Nothing Ends Without a Proper Platter

Angry Birds sandwiches with bagels and round slices of meat such as salami or ham, and white cheese like provolone sounds yummy. So there's nothing to doubt its taste. Lay down the salami on the bagel and then lay an oval piece of provolone over the top. Use the small circles of provolone and black olives to make eyes and eyebrows. Carrots or a small triangle of cheddar cheese completes your culinary masterpiece to make a beak. Looking for a veggie option? Use strawberry jam and cream cheese instead of meat and cheese and here you are. Completely vegan in itself.

Decorate your Angry Birds birthday cake to look like a level in Angry Birds by building a pig house out of graham crackers and frosting on top of your cake. You can create multiple heights by placing a smaller rectangular layer of cake in one corner of the first layer. Frost the whole thing in green to resemble grass and top it off with Angry Birds cake decorations.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to choosing a  birthday party theme. Sometimes you just need to see one played out before you finally make up your mind.