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How to Show Support to Your Favorite AFL or NRL team?

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From the scholarly or the semi-scholarly cognition in the articles of the journals to storms that create upheaval the social networking sites, the nature of a true football fan is debated everywhere. And one of the indisputably accepted feature of a true fan is not restricted to the collection of the jerseys of their favored club or team, but it is the loyalty to the club that speaks on his behalf. Although the trend seen in the market nowadays is not what is said above. Nowadays the quality of a superior fandom is characterized by one-eyed devotion to any of the clubs beyond good sense and sometimes even beyond the basic standards of decency. A sociological research done on all the fans supporting a football club, be it AFL or NRL, reveals that irrespective of the difference in the countries or languages, all of the fans express their emotion and behavior in one same language, the language of football.

If you want to be a true fan of your AFL team and want to show that, you need to live the game of football. It is not about being a mere spectator — it is more about being a participant. Just your physical presence on the ground won't suffice, you need to keep on motivating your team so that they can keep up with their performance. Although there are many comments made that only practice makes a man perfect, but in games, the crowd cheering for their favorite players and teams make them out-perform. You can add color to it with the customized jersey and banners that have messages written to cheer your favorite player up. Apart from this you can even have the club's flag fluttering all throughout, that may motivate the players for fighting hard as well.

Sports is all about enjoying it, and it is not possible for everyone to be there physically on the ground to support their favorite AFL or NRL team, but that does not mean they are be deprived of

having the fun on ground. You can always decorate your sports bar or even your house with the inflatable hands, top hats, ribbons and balloons with the logo and color of your favorite team printed on it. There are customized tableware and glasses for individual teams that can be used to maintain the mood of the game going on between the rivals. Paint yourself up from top to bottom, it won’t just elevate your fandom but also give an artistic touch to your persona.

That,however, does not prove that you're the biggest fan of your favorite team or player. It further involves years of instruction, of 'practice', of dedication and of demonstrating your knowledge in the presence of others before being accepted by 'real' fans. You need to act so with complete geared up jerseys cheering for your team. Just make sure, your over-enthusiasm and involvement in the game must not go over the top. Play it in the fair spirit of the game.