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How to Plan the Ultimate Hawaiian Party

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A-Z Party Supplies has a wide array of Hawaiian Party Supplies to help you throw the ultimate luau party! We have everything you need, ranging from décor, costuming, catering supplies and party essentials to ensure that your home has the ideal island feel.

Hawaiian Party Supplies: Décor

azparty-balloon-decorations.jpgAs a party host, you want to ensure that all your guests feel welcome and adjusted to the party’s theme. An Aloha Letter Banner could be just the thing to make your guests feel at home and excited for a Hawaiian-themed party. Depending on the nature of the party, whether it is a pool-side luau or a beach-side bonanza, a series of Street Sign Cutouts will help your guests know that they’ve landed in Hawaii for the evening.

But to be the best party host you can be, it is so important to make your guests feel like they are where you want them to be. You want them to think that they are dancing on the golden sands of Maui or Honolulu. And what better way to do that than use the perfect party props; Fish Netting. Decorate the walls of your home or dangle fish netting over your verandah to create your own tropical beach summer paradise! Or maybe adorn your home with a variety of high quality foil balloons, perhaps the Blue Whale or Blue Dolphin, so your guests can explore the beautiful ocean paradises Hawaii has to offer.

Hawaiian Party Supplies: Costuming

It’s one thing to create an Hawaiian atmosphere, but it’s another to live it. In order to live up to the luau atmosphere, give your party guests Hawaiian-inspired ensembles and accessories. Hawaiian leis, hula skirts, party necklaces and flower crowns are the perfect Hawaiian party supplies that can take your tropical event to the next level. Leis come in a variety of colours and style, including Orchid Pink and Yellow or Orchid Blue and Yellow. Alternatively, you could invest in a wide array of Hawaiian skirts, ranging from short to long sizes, multi-coloured or plain. Take for example the Short and Long Flowered Hula Waist skirts - these could be the perfect Hawaiian party supplies to kick off your summer party and have everyone doing the hula.

Hawaiian Party Supplies: Catering

azparty-balloons.jpgAt every party, almost everyone, at some stage, gets hungry. Why not stock up on some of the catering essentials to guarantee that your party guests are drinking authentic Hawaiian cocktails from Coconut Cups, or equipped with playful Luau Umbrella Straws. Or invest in other catering accessories, like coconut themed Drink Coasters or Bahama Plastic Party Cups, all of which will help transport your guests to an island paradise by the beach.

The Party Essentials

There are several key Hawaiian party supplies that are central in creating a successful luau party. Let your party goers relax to the soothing sound of a Coconut Ukulele or let them show off their flexibility with an Inflatable Limbo Stick. For the finishing touches, decorate your home with Bamboo Torches or a Tropical Cruise “insta theme” to give your party the classic Hawaiian aesthetic.