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How to Plan the Ultimate Fiesta

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A-Z Party Supplies has an extensive range of Mexican Party Supplies to help you throw the perfect fiesta! We have everything you need, including the perfect décor, fun costuming, your catering needs and the fiesta essentials to ensure that your party has an authentic festival feel.


The best party hosts ensure their guests feel welcome and comfortable with the party’s theme. Why not deck the house out with a range of Mexican party supplies like Cowboy Bandana Pennant Banners to set the perfect fiesta scene. Or, perhaps you want your party guests to feel like cowboys for the day? Try the Saloon Door Cover Decoration to guarantee that your guests feel like authentic cowboys!

In addition, scatter your home with other Mexican party supplies with a bunch of Chilli Pepper Decorations and Fiesta Chilli Cutouts to spark the festivities and have all your guests dancing to joyous Mariarchi music. To augment the fiesta atmosphere, disperse as many balloons throughout your home as possible, in particular, use our colourful Inflatable Chilli Pepper balloons and Inflatable Maracas. Likewise, line your walls with the striking Cactus Cut Outs to create the illusion that your guests have rocked up to a classic desert, ready to party.


Creating an authentic fiesta vibe with the relevant Mexican party supplies is only one component in executing the best and most entertaining celebration. What you need is the wackiest Central-American- inspired costuming and vibrant accessories to make sure that your guests don’t just attend the best party of the year, they live it. Equip all your guests with a Jumbo Bendy Mustache or the archetypal Fiesta Sombrero to confirm that all your guests will remember this party for a long time! Or maybe jazz it up with other Mexican party supplies like pack of Sombrero Party Headbands for those quirky guests who want to stand out in the crowd. Or better yet, have everyone wearing the stereotypical Poncho to spice up that Cinco flamboyance!


So now you’ve successfully created the perfect fiesta with the most awesome Mexican party supplies, equipped with the best décor and the most fabulous range of costumes and accessories. But now your guests are hungry. Why not stock up on the catering must-haves to validate your party as the Cinco De Mayo of all celebrations? Ensure you stock up on the Fiesta Plastic Cups and the Poncho Bottle Cozies so that everyone, no matter they are drinking, feels at home and ready to party. Likewise, complement this with some Margarita Shot Glasses , the perfect utensil for drinking delicious Margaritas! And when it comes time for cleanup, enlist the help of our Fun Fiesta Cocktail Napkins and Dinner Plates to guarantee a punctual and stress free clean up.

The Party Essentials

But what are possibly the most important Mexican party supplies you require to validate your festivities? You can’t go wrong with a set of Maracas or Fiesta Paper Lanterns to create an authentic festive vibe and ensure everyone has a great time.