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How to Brighten Your Party with Balloon Decoration

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Balloon decorations will definitely brighten up your party but you should be particular with the balloon colors, designs and arrangements. The balloon decors must be appropriate for the party. The balloon motif will all depend on the type of party and also the budget. You may also choose to save money by inflating the balloons with air instead of helium or use your own air pump instead of the one in the shop. A party shop will charge you additional cost if you choose to have the balloons inflated in the shop. 

arties can be classified into two main categories, namely, spontaneous casual parties and occasion-specific parties, which are sometimes more formal. The first category is the type of parties that usually do not require very detailed preparation and may be organized in a spur of a moment. For instance, an office worker and his or her office-mates may decide to have a barbecue cookout party in the weekends or a student may decide to host a movie marathon pajama party at his or her home in the evening among his or her classmates and school friends. This type of parties is not dependent on a particular occasion that is regularly celebrated each year. Hence, a spontaneous casual party typically does not need any decoration or special food preparation.

On the other hand, occasion-specific parties may require several days or even months of preparations. The details must be carefully planned from the venue to the type of utensils to the music that will be played. Occasion-specific parties such as wedding anniversaries are very formal that they may also have specific dress code. However, even very formal parties will still benefit from having balloons as part of the decorations. Balloons are symbols of levity and fun. Balloons are very versatile and they can be combined and arranged in certain ways such as in the forms of arches and pillars. They can even be designed to form words and picture patterns.

Balloons can make any party more lively and festive, especially if the balloon colors are bright. In some parties, however, specific color combinations are necessary such as in the case of a 4th of July party celebration wherein the colors of white, red and blue are the most appropriate colors to use. Bright colors stimulate the brain to react in certain ways, typically releasing serotonin and dopamine, stimulating the pleasure centers of the brain.

Most party balloons are typically spherical or tear-shaped. They also generally have solid primary colors. Some are transparent or colorless but most are translucent. Other more specialized balloons are animal-shaped or shaped like humans and cartoon characters. Balloon can have special effects on light, thereby literally brightening up a party venue but more importantly they create levity among the party goers. Aside from purely decorative purposes, balloons can also be used in party games such as water balloon wars, balloon chair pop relay, balloon blowing and balloon juggling games. Balloons are also commonly used as props for party entertainment such as balloon toy animal making and magic tricks using balloons.

Hence, there are several ways that balloons can brighten up a party other than being merely decorative.