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How to Avoid Party Crashers?

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Party crashers are also known as gate crashers or simply crashers are those who have the audacity to attend exclusive parties or special events without being invited. They could be annoying and sometimes seriously threatening. Party crashers could crash a private personal party like a wedding reception or a public party that requires tickets to be admitted like a rave party.High profile parties like celebrity parties are also commonly being targeted by party crashers for the purpose of gaining short-lived fame in the form of notoriety. Some paparazzis resort to gate-crashing to take pictures of celebrities. In other cases, fans also become gatecrashers to have pictures taken with famous people. Ordinary people may also occasionally be pestered by gatecrashers but there are some ways to avoid them.

Just like themes for parties, many gatecrashers are party-specific For instance, some party crashers like to target wedding receptions just to pick up dates or perhaps enjoy free alcoholic drinks. This type of scenario was the main theme used in the comedy film, Wedding Crashers, starring Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn. Similar incidents can be avoided in several ways, depending on several factors. Preventing party crashers from ruining an otherwise private party may prove challenging if the party or event is large.

There are three main things to consider to effectively avoid party crashers, namely, the venue, the number of invited guests and the security measures. The venue is crucial because it will determine the accessibility of the party and how you will be able to control the crowd. If the venue is an open outdoor space like a beach, it would be difficult to control the entry points. On the other hand, if the venue is indoor like the ballroom of a hotel, controlling the entry points would be much easier to control. The choice of the venue is determined by other factors such as deciding on good party themes, budget and target number of guests. It is easier to avoid party crashers if the venue is indoor.

The number of invited guests is another crucial factor in preventing or dealing with gatecrashers. Sending RSVP formal invitations to the specific guests will allow you to control the flow of the crowd. Aside from having an accurate estimate of the possible guests who will actually attend, you will also be able to control the crowd by allowing only those in the guest list or those with invitation cards to enter the venue.

Finally, the security measures are the most important means of dealing with party crashers. If you are planning to have an exclusive party or event with VIP guests, you should include security details such as guards at the entry points, cameras and even weapons. It should be noted that even highly secured events like a presidential ball are sometimes gatecrashed. Some party crashers have more sinister intentions, especially when it comes to parties that have VIPs such as politicians as guests.