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Balloons for All Occasions

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Virtually all types of parties could be made more fun and lighter (no pun intended) with balloons. From birthday parties to 4th of July parties, balloons can make the occasion more lively and cheerful. Perhaps it is primarily because of the fact that we associate colorful balloons with certain fond memories of our childhood such as the parlour games we played in children’s parties or the circus shows that we have seen. Balloons are almost always associated with light-hearted and jovial events.

Even in more serious occasions such as wedding receptions, balloons are still commonly used as decorations. However, the balloons that are used in more serious occasions are less lively in colors and sometimes even monochromatic, either white or just one colour. Balloons can be used to decorate a stage, a presidential table, a doorway, the sides of a pathway, walls, windows, a garden gazebo, garden trellis and garden portal. Balloons can also be used for ceremonial purposes. The most common of which is releasing balloons in the air after a house warming ceremony or when inaugurating a new building or office.

Balloons can be bought in bunches such as dozens and they can also be ordered in pre-arranged designs such as arches. and columns. Various balloon colours, sizes and shapes can be combined and customized to form specific designs. You may even combine balloons to form a flag or portrait image. It all depends on your needs and purposes.

In most cases, balloons are filled with helium gas to make them float. This is useful if the balloons are intended to be released later into the air or will be used in parlour games. On the other hand, if the purpose of the balloons is simply to decorate the party venue, then you can save money by requesting the balloon retailer to fill the balloons with ordinary air.

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Types of Balloon Decorations

Balloons can be used as decorations for almost all types of parties. These are most popular in children’s parties but they are also used in parties for grownups such as graduation parties, promotion parties, wedding receptions and anniversaries. Balloons are basically made of latex material that can be filled with ordinary air or with helium. The most common type of party balloons is the teardrop or globule shape. The elongated shape and other fancier shapes such as heart shape are also used as party decorations but they are less common and some are more expensive.

Balloons can either be of a variety of colours, including all the colours of the rainbow and other more subtle colours. Black and white coloured balloons are also used but black is perhaps the least commonly used colour when it comes to party decorations. They also come in different sizes. The various colours, shapes and sizes of balloons can be combined to form bundled designs such as arches and pillars. These designs typically require frames. They are more commonly used in garden parties.

Some types of balloons, particularly, the elongated balloons, are used for entertainment purposes such as magic tricks and impromptu balloon animal making. Even ordinary helium balloons are appealing to children and adults as toys and party souvenirs. The balloons in almost all children’s party are given away as souvenirs. These balloons are oftentimes printed with the name and birthday of the celebrant. Similar practice is done on balloons for other occasions such as wedding anniversaries and building inaugurations.

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