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Australian 4th of July Celebration

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Australia and the United States have been strategic allies since the beginning of the 20th century, more particularly during World War I and World War II. Aside from the military alliance between the two countries, they also share common historical ties with the British. They also share the same language although there are some differences in the terminologies, usage and spelling.

The United States of America or at least part of it was once under the rule of the British Monarch. The original thirteen colonies in the American continents later revolted against the British rule because of taxation and legislative representation issues. The Americans declared their independence on the 4th of July 1776. In contrast, Australia remains loosely connected to the British through the Commonwealth of Nations.

The 4th of July Celebration is an American Holiday. Australians do not officially celebrate it. However, there are American expatriates who are living in Australia. They are either vacationing or permanently residing as citizens or resident aliens in Australia. Some married Australian citizens and others simply have chosen to live in Australia. Some of these expatriates are entire families or even clans who might be living within the same neighborhood.

This is the reason why some 4th of July products are popular in Australia despite of the fact that the holiday is not officially celebrated. Some expatriate Americans in Australia still celebrate the holiday in the privacy of their homes or they are part of a big company within Australia, they would also tend to celebrate the holiday. The popularity of the celebration of this American holiday is sufficiently significant in Australia that several party supply stores, mostly online retail stores have inventories of party decors, costumes and themed utensils related to the American Independence Day celebration.

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How to Organize a 4th of July Party

If you are a natural-born American living in Australia as an Australian citizen, a student with extended visa, a permanent resident alien or a tourist, you might be longing for the good old holiday celebration of the 4th of July. The patriotic holiday will be celebrated just a few weeks from now. Although Australia does not officially celebrate the American Declaration of Independence, there are many expat Americans living in Australia who celebrate this holiday either in the privacy of their homes or as communities..

There are several local organizations in Australia that regularly sponsor the 4th of July Independence Day celebration like the American Society of Sydney. The community celebrations are complete with fireworks, festivities and decorations. These celebrations provide some relief to the homesickness of many Americans living in Australia. The date of the occasion, however, is not the summer ambiance as traditionally celebrated in many parts of the US. The month of July is within the winter season in Australia.

Schedule of celebration

Nonetheless, the weather is only a minor nuisance when it comes to celebrating the 4th of July in another country with different cultural settings. Whether you are part of a large American community in Australia or living in relative isolation, you can still organize your own 4th of July themed party. You might even invite non-American guests from among your friends and co-workers.

It could be just a simple party at your own home or it can be done as an outdoor or picnic type of party. It could be a lunch or dinner party depending on what is more convenient on your part. Since the 4th of July is not a holiday in Australia, you would be lucky if it falls on a weekend when generally there are no school and office works. You can celebrate it either at lunch, afternoon or dinner. You will have more flexibility to choose the time.

On the other hand, if the 4th of July falls on a weekday, like this year, the most convenient time to have a party would be in the evening. This is actually the best time of the day to celebrate the event not only in terms of convenience of schedule because most people are not anymore working or at school in the evening but also because you can include firework spectacle in the party.

Independence Day party supplies

When you have already considered the time and venue of the party, the next thing that you should consider is the 4th of July decorations. These could range from patriotic hanging string decorations or pennant banners to star-spangled themed balloons. You may also design your own decorations from scrap materials as long as the colour motif is followed.

You may also want to purchase 4th of July themed table covers, table wares and disposable cutlery. You can use old flag cut-outs or Uncle Sam cut-outs. You may also provide some basic party costumes such as American themed top hats similar to the one worn by the iconic President Lincoln.

It is a good idea to use disposable tableware if you have many guests or if you are expecting children to participate. You will avoid the hassle of washing the dishes and you do not need to worry about accidental smashing of glass cups and dishes. Using disposable items would cost you less and you would also be able to provide for larger number of guests.

Sending out invitations

You won’t have a party if you do not have guests. Depending on the type of party and the target number of guests you have in mind, there are several ways whereby you can send out invitations. The most common would be to simply verbally tell your invited guests that you are having a 4th of July party at your home on a particular time of the day. You can personally tell friends and relatives whom you see on a regular basis. You may also call them or send out SMS invitations. If you want office mates to attend your party, you may send out emails or post on the office bulletin board. Just make sure that you won’t be violating any office rules and policies related to this.

It most likely perfectly okay and even encouraged to celebrate the 4th of July in Australia if you are working in an American office where all employees are Americans. Your office might have traditional yearly celebration of the Declaration of American Independence. It would be a totally different situation then. It might be possible that you would be appointed as the committee chairman for the celebration.If this is the case, you may simply write a memo and post it on the bulletin board. However, if you want a less formal and more cordial approach, you may send out 4th of July personalized invitation cards to co-workers.

You may also create an event page on Facebook and invite your friends. An event page could be made private and may only be viewed by invited guests. You can have an idea how many will attend based on the confirmations online. You can post updates and solicit suggestions on how to improve the party. This approach could work well if you are planning for a big party that involves a an entire community of American expats.

Choosing the right party food

Another important detail that you need to take care about is the food preparation. If it is a big officeparty, you might need to hire a professional catering service. However, if it is a community party, the members of the community may simply contribute their own cooked food. To prevent duplications or over supply of certain types of food, you may assign specific food to specific families or individuals. You may assign categories such as chicken, pasta, pastries, barbecue steaks, salads, etc.

Party motif

You may want to make the party more lively and appropriately themed by using specific motifs such as costumes or perhaps just simple American patriotic cardboard top hats for your guests. You may also provide tri-colour leis or garlands that can be worn by guests. Certain themes such as Western costumes and luau may also be used.

Whether it is an intimate or large party, you need the help of others in coming up with ideas, planning for the party and actually implementing the plan.