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4 Essential Steps to Making your next Theme Party a Hit!

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While costume parties can be very fun, and are a great way to encourage your guests to mingle, it can be tricky to decide on a theme and make it work. Free for all costume parties can feel a bit forced, and make it very easy for people to simply recycle old costumes.

A theme party, on the other hand, will encourage your guests to get creative and be more engaged at your event! Theme parties also make it easier for you to pick out food, drink and decorations, which can really help in a city like Sydney where there are so many options for party supplies.

1. Picking the right Theme

While occasions like Christmas and Halloween parties have an inherent theme, it can be harder to decide on a theme for events like birthday parties. The most important thing to consider when you pick a theme is that it should encourage creativity among your guests, without requiring huge amounts of effort (of course, they can put more work in if they choose!).

Picking a movie or TV show for your theme, for example, doesn’t really give your guests enough costume options, unless it’s a series with plenty of characters (Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones could work). A Spiderman theme party will only result in a lot of spidermen with a few villains running around.

On the other hand, picking a general theme such as heroes and villains or casino will give your guests plenty of options and let them get creative if they choose. It is also easy to come up with ideas, so friends who are busy won’t have to put too much effort in in order to be involved.

2. Decorating

The decorations are what will make your theme party feel real, so you need to plan them carefully. You need to think of the party decorations as a costume for your party venue – after all, it could be a bit of a let-down if a group of pirates are just standing around a garden!

You should at the very least have wall decorations, with potentially an ornamental piece or two and some representation of the theme on the floor (blue tarpaulin and some yellow sheets, for example, can represent a beach without requiring a lot of preparation).

Make a list of the party supplies you will need for decoration well in advance, so that you can find and prepare everything before the party. A good way to find ideas is to browse through a Sydney party supplies website or shop, and work out how you can use or adapt things that you like. 

3. Food and Drink

A good way to help your party guests engage with your theme is to serve food and drinks with some sort of relation to the party concept. At a French themed party you could serve wine (or grape juice for kids) and mini baguette sandwiches, for example.

For an adults party finding a cocktail with some relation to your theme is an easy way to manage drinks. At an animal theme party you could serve jungle juice, or for a Great Gatsby theme you could have manhattans and martinis. 

4. Your Costume

Once you have your theme, your decorations and your food and drink sorted out, you get to move onto the most fun bit – your costume! As host your costume needs to be all out, to help get your guests in the mood for the party. Luckily, good costumes aren’t hard to find – and picking one out will help you get ready to party too!

As you can see, you will have to put a fair bit of thought into hosting your themed party. If you put the effort in, however, you and your guests will have a great time! Theme parties are great at any age, and it isn’t difficult to find the party supplies you need in Sydney.

To get some ideas for themes and decorations, check out our range of themed party supplies – and once you’ve picked a theme, have a look at our costumes too! AZ Party Supplies offers shipping all over Australia for a flat $9.95 rate, so all you have to do is pick what you want and wait for it to arrive!