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​ Party Themes that will Make Your Party ROCK!

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Themes for parties are not absolutely necessary but these can significantly improve the appeal of a party. It will provide added excitement, fun and opportunity to be creative. There are many themed party ideas that you can find online, in magazines, books and stock knowledge of people that you know.

However, your first consideration should be the practicality of having a themed party. Practicality refers not only to the budget but also to the convenience of the partygoers. The first thing that you should ask yourself is that: “Would the theme have any appeal and convenient for the invited guests?” To answer this question, you must consider the age and tastes of your invited guests. Although both children and adults generally like fantasy themes, there are some differences regarding the specific characters and decorations related to fantasy themes.

There are at least a thousand specific themes that you can choose from but these can be classified into fewer categories such as fiction character themes or fantasy themes such as those based on cartoon characters and superheroes, celebrity themes, historical or period themes and occasion-centered themes such as fiesta themes.

Fantasy or fiction character themes are very popular among children. These include Marvel Superheroes themes and pirate themes. Fairy tale character themes are also well-liked by kids. You can use colorful and scenery decors for these themes, depicting the specific characters. For instance, you can use castle backdrop designs if you decided to have a Cinderella or Snow White theme for the children party that you are planning. On the other hand, you may include galleon miniatures if you have a pirate theme.

Kids party themes are relatively easy to implement compared to adult party themes. The themed parties for kids are also comparably less costly. There are many readily available costumes that can be bought online or from the mall. Parents who are creative may simply make unique costumes for their children.

Coming up with good party themes for grown ups may prove a bit more challenging because of the cost involved and the wide variety of preferences among adults. For instance, a realistic batman costume may cost several hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Only serious cosplayers would be willing to spend several hundreds of dollars for a costume. Many of the ready-made costumes that can be bought from party stores are not very convincing.

Perhaps a more practical party theme that you can implement is something that requires face and body paints only, instead of emphasizing too much on masks and costume clothes. There are body and face paints that glow in the dark. These are non-allergenic and can easily be removed by washing with water. However, using these paints require a lot of creativity and time-consuming to prepare.

Other popular theme parties are related to specific occasions such as Halloween, 4th of July, Christmas and New Year. Whatever the theme of a party, the bottomline is enjoying it regardless of the costume you wear or the decors that you use. Socialization is at the core of any party. All other aspects of a party are just secondary in importance.